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OIl/Body Butter

or Lotion

  • Non-water based 

  • Soothing moisturizing texture assists in  softening and nourishing the skin.

  • Closely resembling natural oils already present  

  • Helps to rejuvenate from dryness and dehydration

  • Multiple Uses


  • Made from natural ingredients

    • goats milk

    • shea

    • oatmeal

    • olive oil

    • charcoal

  • Infused with essential oils and flowers of your choice to provide luxury bath experience

  • In bar and liquid form


  • Soy candles are candles made from soy wax allowing for the duration of life to last 30-50% longer

  • Allows for a gradual release of the selected infused oil

  • Benefits include:

    • No toxins or carcinogens

    • No pollutants

    • Less likely to trigger allergies 


  • Sugar or salt based 

  • Scrubs allow you to exfoliate skin

  • Leaves a soft and emollient feel to the skin

Khaba Spa makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the information contained herein or the suitability of its products and services for any particular purpose, nor does Khaba Spa  assume any liability whatsoever arising out of the application or use of any product. The products sold hereunder and any other products sold by Khaba Spa have been subject to limited testing performed by Khaba Spa as a third party seller.  Any product specifications are believed to be reliable but are not verified specifically in context to third party sales.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility to independently determine suitability of any products and to test and verify the same. The information provided by Khaba Spa hereunder is provided “as is, where is” and with all faults, and the entire risk associated with such information is entirely with the Buyer. Khaba Spa reserves the right to make any changes to the information in this document or to any products and services at any time without notice.

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